"A Magic Day" - 12 November 2016: "A Visit to Tevfik Fikret Museum"

A visit to “AŞİYAN”, home to the art and thought of Tevfik Fikret, the first Turkish teacher at Robert College.
We visited the home of Tevfik Fikret, a great Turkish poet and the first Turkish teacher at Robert College (1910-1915).  Tevfik Fikret himself designed the architectural project of the house and named it AŞİYAN, meaning “birds nest” in Persian; he lived there from 1906 to1915.  The house has been restored and turned into a museum by the municipality of Istanbul.
We entered the garden of the museum from the university’s South Campus and were hosted by Mr. Ata Yersu, the director of the museum, historian and curator as well as some officials of the museum.
We were happy to be in the historic house where the idea of “new generations whose conscience and ideas are free” was born, and happy to hear that other visitors also enjoyed their visit.
Tevfik Fikret’s architectural design as well as his paintings, literature and art of living witnessed in Aşiyan as well as his ties with the cultural heritage of our university is exciting indeed.
BUKAL is awaiting your participation in embracing our Cultural Heritage
I expect no gifts from any, nor beg for wing or feather
In my own sky, in my own heavens, on my own I soar
To bow beneath slavery’s collar weighs heavy on my neck
I’m a poet, my thoughts are free, wisdom free, conscience free
Tevfik Fikret (Translated by Walter G. Andrews)