We have been sharing our knowledge and recollections about the culture, arts and the historic heritage of our University which we are all proud of, exchanging ideas on what needs to be done to protect them.
These conversations eventually reached a point where we, as a team, realized the need to go beyond trying to make individual contributions and move on to much wider platforms for more effective exchange of ideas and more efficient work. 
At the Term Representatives meeting of the BU Alumni Office we talked about those ideas.
We introduced an initiative to work together with people who shared our ideas do and wished to carry this wonderful heritage to the future generations.  BUKAL Culture and Arts Commission was officially established at that meeting.
We sincerely believe that with your contributions, we will embrace the values of our university and pass them on to future generations.
Wishing to always remain a member of Boğaziçi,
Hatıra Şenkon, Mehmet Küçükönder, Atilla Karadağ, Nilay Karadağ, Birgük Küçükönder
  • To know, promote and embrace our University’s historic and cultural values
  • The ensure the continuity of institutional knowledge
To keep alive the Boğaziçi Spirit after graduating from the university and passing it on to future generations.