Our activities so far

Our work from May to November includes the following:
  • We participated in the opening of the BU Entrepreneurship Center on November 12, 2016.  We explained the BUKAL spirit, our Commission, and our objectives to the participants during the meeting.  We met many people who stated that their desire to work towards the objectives of our Commission.
  • We visited the Museum on May 26, 2016.  Our objective is to gather all pictures, texts, and documents (virtual, imaging + scanning, etc.) and carry out research for books, films, and/or digital recordings in the context of “Cultural Heritage”.  We became aware that such material is quite disorganized and that it would take meticulous work to discover where they are kept or by which department they are protected.  We also realized that this work requires the support of our Rector.   The Commission decided to apply to the Alumni Office for an appointment with the Rector in the Fall.
  • In out meeting of June 3, 2016, we discussed the most important pillar of our Cultural Heritage Project: the TALKS. Our objective is to conduct talks with older faculty members and administrative staff and introduce them to younger generations; to pay individual visits and film the talks so as to create an archive.  Their stories and memoirs are of great value.  We believe that the new generations, and even ourselves, need to know the different aspects of our history.
  • “Prestige Library” and “Recollections Corner” are topics we will deal with within the Cultural Heritage context.  Work on those topics is ongoing.
  • In the same context, we also organized “My University – Documentary Competition”.
  • We agreed to get together to ask for support in preparing a webpage and/or accessing this page via a link from the BU Alumni Office.  We can thus ensure that the number of our participants increase and our projects advance in the right direction.
  • Another project was a book on our historic buildings, tunnels, cisterns, the clock tower, and other historic paraphernalia. The support of our Rector is necessary for this project, too.   The Commission decided to apply to the Alumni Office for an appointment with the Rector in the Fall.
  • We held a meeting with Maya Foundation on “Social Projects”. Our purpose is to increase university students’ sensitivity to social issues and raise awareness of “Psychological Improvement Skills”.  We discussed a potential workshop on “Social Responsibilities” and the possibility of turning it into a project that can be internationally funded.  Actually a “Promotion Activities and Workshop” was hosted at Boğaziçi University by Hatıra Şenkon, one of the founders of BUKAL and a member of our Commission and Esra Özsüer, the Director of Maya Foundation.  We gained some participating members at this meeting.
  • One of the projects of BUKAL and the Culture and Arts Commission is the Albert Long Hall Organ project.  The organ in Albert Long Hall is a historic and very valuable part of our cultural heritage.  Mehmet Küçükönder (retired BU faculty member) is preparing a musical presentation narrating a short history of the organ and his own experiences with the organ since the 1990’s.  We expressed our wish to participate in the program at the BU Alumni Office on 23 September, 2016, and submitted our request in writing on 26 September 2016.  One of our musicians will play the organ to accompany the presentation.
  • With the support of our Rector Professor Gülay Barbarosoğlu, our Commission started negotiations with Gökhan Börekçi regarding getting support from members of BU AFAD for the the work on the tunnels; the tunnels will be opened to alumni and visitors on November 12, 2016 for the first time.
As administrators of the BUKAL Culture and Arts Commission, we have prepared a report classifying under various headings the work completed in three months.